About us

Ecomid - Be clean, be with us

The company was founded in the year 1997 having as main object of activity, the civil and industrial cleaning services. We are active since two decades in the field of facility management, cleaning of administrative areas, industrial halls, special cleaning: plants, equipments specific for industry and other connected services, being thus focused on firms and companies that have as objective the optimization of costs and that wish to benefit of integrated services to the best ratio quality/ price. We cover a big scale of products and services demanded on the profile market, we build abiding and durable collaborations. We are a company dedicated to clients, with a proactive attitude, prepared for new challenges.

“Be clean, be with us” is the principle we’re guided from and the reason why we’ve developed in this field. The teams with whom we present us in front of clients are formed of professionals that understood that the cleaning activity shall be taken over by considering the needs imposed by the field of activity, by the standards of the beneficiary and the involved budgets.

We offer integrated maintenance services, at the highest standards and permanently we consider the appreciation of clients. We’ve created a position on the market of cleaning services, starting with the contract of cleaning the façade of the train station in Arad, historical monument, work when was cleaned and protected the natural stone. We’ve started our way with lots of trust, enthusiasm and professionalism. During all this time, Ecomid succeeded to increase step by step from one year to another, consolidating the position on the Western market of cleaning services and registering constant increases in each years’ rate of turnover.

The competition on the market of cleaning services motivated us also for finding a way to be “different”! The feedback received from clients is the strongest weapon in this industry. We are proud with clients satisfied with our services.

We’ve created a position on the market of cleaning services in the Western area of Romania, area in permanent development, due to companies in the automotive and IT industry. Among these two fields, we have in our portfolio companies as Alcatel-Lucent, Continental, Contitech, Valeo, Nestle, Heraeus,Adient, Elba, and much more. We’ve received a positive feedback, excellent in most cases, feedback that might be checked on the page dedicated to clients.

These contracts improved us from the point of view of offered services, while we covered the market segment of industrial clients which, next to usual cleaning of administrative areas and halls, requested also special cleaning operations: equipments, plants, works at different heights, but also assurance of consumables and maintenance of devices and dispensers in the dressing rooms and social groups, services of pest control and deratization or services of gardening and landscape architecture. From here results also the big scale of services we cover in the field of facility management.