Services for legal entities

Services for cleaning administrative areas
The maintenance of a clean and safe work environment means healthy, happy and more productive employees. A clean office means a healthy and productive atmosphere, a place where employees are respected and protected, that creates the correct ethics and an efficient organization.
Our cleaning services for administrative areas reflect our engagement towards the business needs of your company, as well as towards the needs of your employees to work in a clean and hygienic environment, at the highest standards.
The way how the headquarters or your administrative area is looking, offers a first decisive impression to potential clients and business partners.

Services for cleaning industrial halls
The surfaces with high sizes need a special approach, a complex logistics, adapted to the technological flow of the beneficiary. We owe needed knowledge, but also very clear protocols established at work. We consider the specific features of each industrial area and the need of adapting the internal restrictions or rules.

Services for special cleaning: plants, equipments specific for industry
There exist certain cleaning services that need a special attention, not only through the prism of direct interactions with people or through functioning rules of some plants and equipments specific to industry (safety norms, increased attention regarding component parts), but also from the point of view of materials they are built of.
We are prepared from technical point of view and from the point of view of the staff, to end any order for cleaning some equipments and special plants.

Assurance of consumables and maintenance of devices and dispensers in dressing rooms, social areas
We can assure the entire scale of consumable products and can maintain all types of devices and dispensers in dressing rooms or social areas, based on a monthly subscription or on a contract, whereas their maintenance and replacement might be performed only on certain days and hours in the week, that are established in common agreement.
We are attentive to each detail such as the maintenance of devices and dispensers, but also the replacement of consumables must be a durable one and to satisfy the strongest norms, with the framing of an optimal cost.
We help you to have a hygienic, clean and fresh working area, offering the best service offer.

Services for cleaning glass facades
The team of abseiler agreed and specialized in works at different heights, offer services for cleaning the glass facades, curtain walls, Bond table, etc. The cleaning possibilities (with nacelle, scaffolds) is chosen by our technical team, according to particular conditions of the location, to the type of the façade or of the surfaces, but also to the dirt type.
Each work of this kind is approached with lots of earnestness by our team, considering the risks to which is exposed our staff. Thus, independent from the height of the building or of the surface that has to be cleaned, we shall answer with promptness and earnestness.

Services of pest control and deratization
Considering that we offer full services of facility management, we are prepared to help our clients also with such type of services, that have to solve a delicate problem: pest control and deratization.
Each intervention must be treated differently, the service must be performed in cascade, that involves more types of insecticide substance, gel, adhesive catchers, alimentary attracting substances, feromones, all according to the consumption or need at each intervention.
We have a flexible working program, performing the works of pest control and deratization after the graph imposed by the solicitor and we might interfere in the hourly intervals according to the specific feature of your activity, under safe conditions;

Services for cleaning at different heights
High areas aren’t a problem anymore from the point of view of cleaning. With the help of the abseiler team we clean facades, tubes, ceilings of constructions with big sizes.
The depositing areas or the factories with very high halls represent no challenge for us. The safety that offers an abseiler team combined with the experience of our staff offer perfect cleaning services at different heights.

Services of gardening and landscape architecture
The arrangement of a green lung is done based on a project issued after certain rules and observing the principles of landscape architecture. Planning and arrangement of a green lung needs competence, experience, talent, passion and patience.
We achieve the entire scale of maintenance works in gardens and green lungs: lawns, trees, underbrushes, plants and hedges.